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"Early to bed. Early to rise. Makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise."

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Sugar Shanty in Beaver Falls owned by Jason's parents in the early 1980's.

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Our History

"The Zehr family name has been making maple syrup for over 100 years, Its been a family tradition handed down from one generation to the next. For years the Zehr family had four generations working in their sugaring business from the great-grandchildren, to Grandpa Floyd, who passed now."

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Floyd Zehr tends to the wood fire as he fires up the evaporator back in the early 1980's.
Grandpa Floyd was the main boiling man!

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Young Carlie Zehr (Jason's Dad) gathering sap.

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April 1939 Floyd Zehr (age 19) and Leo Zehr (age 21) located in front
of Anthony Zehr's sugarbush.

Our Family
Jason, Barbara, Emily, Lane, and Katie

Our process of producing Quality Maple Syrup has been in the Zehr family for many generations. Today you will find many generations working together in our shanty to produce one of the finest Maple Syrup in New York state.





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Grandpa Floyd & Grandson, Jason Zehr boiling away!

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Lane Zehr on tractor. 2012

Margaret Fayle tending the store.






Awards and Associations
- Member of:
    NYS & Lewis County Maple Producers,
    Pride of New York Program,
    Lewis County Maple Co-op,
    Lewis County Farm Bureau
- Award of Excellence 2005 at the Remsen Barn
     Festival of the Arts

- 2nd place at Remsen Barn Festival for
     Agricultural Booth
- Featured in 2004 Valentine Catalog of Dean
     and Deluca.
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- 1999 Co-Winner of NYS Robert Lamb Young
     Sugar Maker of The Year


Sugarbush and Shanty Information
- Built in the summer and fall of 1997
- Shanty is approximately 24' X 40'
- Swiss'er Sweet has approximately 2,000 taps
     on buckets
- 4' x 14' Leader Evaporator
- Oil Fired
- Filter Press
- All equipment food grade stainless steel
- Steamaway




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