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Maple Sugar, Cream & Candy

"Sweet" Treats for All Occasions!
Swiss'er Sweet Maple's premium Maple Products are available as shown in wide variety of assortments, as well as in gift baskets, plastic jugs and glass bottles. Click any of these two links to view them! For the best Maple products, trust Swiss'er Sweet Maple.

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Maple Lollipops
Not like any other ordinary lollipops. Savor the taste of real Maple Syrup as these long lasting candies are a real treat. Net wt. At least .04 oz.

Price: $ 1.00   Quantity:


Swiss'er Sweet's Maple Lollipops



Swiss'er Sweet's Maple Cream
Delicious creamy maple spread for morning toast for a hearty breakfast.

16 oz. Maple Cream

Price: $ 13.00   Quantity:

8 oz. Maple Cream

Price: $ 7.00   Quantity:


1/4 lb Box Maple Candies

Price: $ 5.00   Quantity:

Swiss'er Sweet's Maple Candies (Sugarcakes)
Approx. 10 pieces.
Otherwise known as "Sugarcakes"
Creamy candies that melt in your mouth.
100% maple.



Swiss'er Sweet's Box of Candies


1/2 lb Box of Candies
Approximately 20 pieces

Price: $ 9.00   Quantity:

1 lb Box of Candies
Approximately 40 pieces

Price: $ 17.00   Quantity:


Large Single Maple Leaf Candy

Price: $ 1.50   Quantity:


Swiss'er Sweet's Large Maple Leaf Candy



Swiss'er Sweet's Granulated Maple Sugar



Granulated Maple Sugar
Add this sweet addition to your ice cream or in place of regular sugar or brown sugar in daily baking. 4oz. Packaged in this decorative hexagon glass.

Price: $ 4.50   Quantity:


12 oz. Granulated Maple Sugar Shaker

Price: $ 12.00   Quantity:


Swiss'er Sweet's 12 oz. Granulated Maple Sugar Shaker




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